The Niagara Training Academy offers several other firearms services aside   from instruction. Please read below for a description of these services.

​​ Niagara Training Academy Sell Or Safely Dispose of Unwanted Or Used   Firearms, Shotguns, Rifles Or Handguns.

Send us an E-mail or call 905-932-0770

(Mon-Fri - 8am to 3pm or 7pm to 9pm)


There may be situations in your life when storing firearms at your residence might not be the safest course of action or may not be lawful.  Some examples may include:

  • An occupant of the residence suffering from mental health issues or are going through a stressful time in their life.
  • You or a family member may be under a court order to not be in a residence where firearms are present.
  • You may be going on a vacation and not want to leave firearms in your home unattended.

Whatever the reason, we can arrange for the safe and legal transport and storage of your firearms at our facility. The cost is $5.00 per firearm per month.  Discounts are available for multiple firearms or extended durations.


If you have firearms or ammunition that you no longer want, we can arrange for the safe and legal transport of the firearms and ammunition for proper disposal. This is a free service for any family member who may be dealing with the passing of a firearms owner. For all others there will be a very nominal fee to cover expenses only.

Purchase of unwanted/used firearms

We will meet free of charge, review all items that are no longer wanted and make a reasonable offer for all items.  This includes all shotguns, rifles, handguns, ammunition and accessories. We do not purchase paintball guns, Airsoft guns, BB/pellet guns, prohibited firearms/weapons/devices, or prohibited ammunition.

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